Following a new path

Maybe you know that feeling of working a job or living in a place where people keep telling you 'You are so lucky' or 'I wish I could do the same as you' or anything similar to that. Well, it is simple. Your luck is in your own hands and you can do anything you want. There are certain privileges we are born with that can influence our future path. But there are also so many things in life where you are the one that controls how things go. In your career and also in your personal life. The truth is easy and simple. If you don't like your job, quit and change it. If you don't like where you live, leave and start over somewhere else. It is your own decision to make changes and move towards where you would like to be in life.

I studied Computer Science and it has opened many doors for me in my life. I had opportunities to work in great companies and learn a lot, where I could not only improve my professional skills but also personal skills. I have a great passion for developing, but with time I realized that I don't want to solely do this in my life. So I decided after a while to quit my job and I started to do freelance work as a web developer. It was amazing and gave me the opportunity to travel and work at the same time. But still, I felt as if something is missing.

Life works in funny ways sometimes and the universe has guided me towards a path to become a yoga teacher. I was practicing yoga first as a physical practice, and then later on as a method of therapy, but I had never thought of becoming a teacher back then. When I look back, I realize that the universe has dropped hints towards me, but it took me a while to notice it. When I took the leap to sign up for a teacher training, I wasn't really thinking of becoming a teacher. My main perspective was to learn more about yoga and dedicate time to really indulge in its philosophy and practice. But then my thoughts shifted and I discovered that teaching yoga is actually what I want to do. I wanted to help the people with yoga in the same way that yoga has helped me. 

After my training, I wanted to look for a part-time job as a yoga teacher next to my freelance work. At that time, I moved to a new country and at first just fully returned to my normal work. And soon I realized that I couldn't deal with it anymore. On pretty much my first day, I looked for any yoga studios in the area where I could possibly find a teaching position. I haven't had much experience, I was only teaching classes to friends and family a couple of times. And as English is not my mother tongue, it was hard for me to find the right words sometimes when teaching (and it still is honestly). I sent out my CV to studios that I liked and just introduced myself. Pretty fast, I found a position where I was offered to teach on a daily basis and this was the best decision I have ever made! I wasn't too sure in the beginning, as my experience level was very low and I thought it might be too overwhelming to teach every day, but it was exactly what I needed. I was forced to reduce my working hours as a developer, so I had enough time to teach. The daily lessons were the perfect exercise for me to improve my language, my teaching, my behavior towards students and also find my own teaching style. After a little while, I found an additional teaching job for a few lessons per week and with time I became more comfortable in teaching. I still consider myself a newbie, and I still want to do so many more teacher trainings, but I think there is nothing better than to start teaching immediately after your first training and get right into it. I was very nervous in the beginning and I prepared my classes in detail regarding sequences, duration and so on. But now, I don't focus too much on the details and more on the general aspects. I learned to be more spontaneous and creative in classes, and also to really focus on my students instead of just following the sequence in my head. I pay attention to if they look tired, or if they don't feel challenged enough, so accordingly, I change my sequence on the spot and then see how it goes step by step. 

When I look back now, I am beyond happy that this path has found me and that I chose to pursue it. It did not only bless me with the most amazing people and experiences, but also with the most amazing places. It enabled me to travel to places and work, doing something that I really want to do and being in beautiful places close to the sea, my favorite place. I am writing this post now from a rooftop in Sri Lanka, looking towards the beach, sun shining on my skin and wind going through my hair. And I wake up everyday with no worries and a smile, being happy doing what I love and enjoying every moment of it. 

The people I trust and love were very understanding and have always supported me fully. But there will always be the ones that don't understand you and don't agree with your decisions. It is a difference, if someone cares for you and wants your best, or simply just can't accept your decisions and wants to convince you to do otherwise. My advice is to stay away from everyone, that is not interested in your wellbeing. You will feel so much better once you clear out this negativity out of your life. Changing the path in your career is a big step and not always an easy one, but if you don't try it, you will never know. And who knows, maybe you will be blessed with purest happiness and satisfaction that you have ever experienced so far in your life?