How I cleanse my space

Since I have started to practice Reiki, I am becoming more and more aware of the energy around me - especially in my personal space. I am sure you are familiar with the experience of entering a room and suddenly you feel the energy around. Sometimes it happens in a positive way by feeling uplifted and energized. But sometimes it can also affect you negatively be letting you feel uncomfortable and wanting to leave.

For me, the process of picking up energy happens subconsciously as I follow my intuition. Everyone of us has a certain energy around that does not only influence ourselves but also the people around us. Our energy can change depending on what we experience in the moment and how we feel. For example, when we are sick or we just argued with someone, we are likely to carry negative energy with us. And wherever we go, our energy can stick to places such as on walls or door frames. Out of this reason, I highly recommend to cleanse your space on a regular basis especially when many people have entered your house or when you are going through a rough period. The same goes for any new space such as a new office or apartment - cleansing energy is a great ritual when moving to release all the old energies and start fresh and clean.


One of my favourite methods to cleanse a space is smudging which is the burning of any sacred herbs such as white sage. Not only do I like the smell but everytime I cleanse my room with it, it feels brighter and more comfortable. Once the sage starts to smoke and stops burning, you can use a feather to spread the smoke but I usually just move it with my hand in circular movements. I start in the back of my room and pass by all the corners, windows, doors and walls while giving special attention to every corner and door. The corners tend to be areas where old energy gets stuck and the doors are the entrance of the energy to enter. I let the door and window open so old energy can be released and when I am done with the entire room, I cleanse myself as well by smudging me from toes to head.

There are different kinds of sacred herbs that you can use to cleanse your space. Sage is very wide known option that is used by many people especially before client treatments and public ceremonies but also for personal usages. Another one is palo santo. Similar to sage it can raise the energy around you and cleanse it from negativity. Palo santo is a wood from South America and is considered as a holy wood. I love the smell of it and especially together with the smell of sage it creates a great combination. In the same procedure as burning sage, I cleanse the entire room with palo santo and let the smoke spread all over.

While smudging your space, you can choose to say a few words during to release old energy and invite light and warmth. This will help you to focus on your intention and create a habit of a regular ritual.

Burning white dried sage (left) and palo santo (right).


Another alternative for space cleansing is the usage of crystals. Depending on their unique qualities, you can use them for various reasons. Following are the ones I use in my personal space:

  • Selenite: Close to my bed, I have a selenite positioned. It absorbs negative energy and attracts calming energies to bring peace and mental clarity. It also works as a protection shield for yourself by supporting the activation of your higher energetic centers for a clear vision and the protection of outside influence.

  • Citrine: This is a great crystal to use if you have any self=doubt and are looking for happiness. It is also known as the success stone as it attracts positive energy to support you in your career and personal endeavors. It works with our lower energetic centers and helps to boost your self-confidence and attracts a feeling of mental power.

  • Jade: This beautiful gem focuses on emotional healing and represent purification. It has calming effects and supports your feelings of compassion and love. It wards of negative energy around you and helps to maintain peace and harmony in your relationships.

  • Moonstone: I wear a moonstone with me on a daily basis for several reasons. It is not only my birthstone but also brings many benefits with it such as helping to maintain an emotional balance and promoting serenity. It works pain-relieving and soothes feelings of stress. Furthermore, it eases traumas and provides protection for your inner self.









Crystals absorb energy - good and bad. Therefore, it is important to cleanse and recharge them. You can cleanse a crystal with the help of salt and water. Water neutralizes the energy in a crystal while salt absorbs negativity. Give them a rinse and then place them in a bowl of salt for a while. After this process, it is important to recharge the with energy. At first, you can program them by setting an intention why you want to use this specific crystal for a certain reason. This may be done by speaking the intention out loud or putting the intention in writing close to the crystal. To charge the crystal then with energy, you can place them in the light of the sun or moon. Sunlight lets it charge with vital and active powers while moonlight gives it calming and sensitive energy. On days of new and full moon, you can charge them by setting an intention according to the moon phase. New moon represents new beginnings and chances while full moon invites you to let go of what no longer serves you and end chapters.

Essential oils

Whether you use them in a diffuser, in a spray or directly on your skin, essential oils can help to cleanse your personal space as well. The following are my favorites and that I use regularly:

  • Lavender: Promoting stress and calmness, I spray lavender on my pillow and around my bed area. I also use it in a diffuser to spread a feeling of relaxation overall in my room.

  • Lemon: Working in an uplifting and stimulating way, I use it in a diffuser mixed with other essential oils during the day. On top of that, the smell is refreshing.

  • Patchouli and Bergamot: Mixing it together with lavender is a great combination to spread a feeling of comfort and safety in your space as they both can uplift your mood and calm depressive feelings. I use this blend in a diffuser before going to bed and whenever I feel the need of a break.

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