Sanctuary Escape Yoga Retreat

YAY! One of my dreams is coming true! I’ll be hosting a retreat at the end of next month. I am super excited and can’t wait for it.

I got the idea for this retreat when I started teaching at a resort in Bali called the Plataran. It is located in the middle of Canggu’s busy streets, but somehow once you are on the property you can’t hear anything - no cars, no motorbikes. The resort is surrounded by nature and you will feel the serenity, once you step into it. Most of the resorts nowadays in this area have a simple and modern architecture, whereas the Plataran is designed in a traditional Balinese style. The buildings all have alang-alang roofs and there are wooden carvings everywhere. It gives you straightaway a feeling of the Balinese culture.


I held a couple of lessons there and then I saw some groups from time to time holding retreats on the property. So I asked for some information about the offers the resort has and immediately decided on the spot that this is where I want to hold a retreat. I have been looking at a few properties in Bali for a while, but haven’t found the right one yet. There are many beautiful retreat centers and resorts, but there was always something missing. I wanted something authentic and rural, surrounded by greenery and gardens. Something that also represents the Balinese culture and a beautiful place to practice yoga.

Another reason why I wanted to hold the retreat there is that the Plataran offers many activities to their guests where they can learn about the Balinese culture. I felt that this is the ideal combination together with yoga and meditation to make the experience for the guests unforgettable and unique. I feel like Bali’s culture is so special and interesting to get to know that it would be great for the guests, especially if it is their first time on the island. From all the places that I have been to, I have never experienced a culture more peaceful and inspiring.

After I found the place, I wanted to team up with someone to plan the entire retreat as it is always more fun to share it with someone and to brainstorm together. So I asked my good friend Stephanie to join me, who is also a yoga teacher and lives in Bali.

We created the retreat schedule based on our own experiences and what we would like to do if we would sign up for a retreat. Next to daily yoga and meditation classes, we wanted to include some activities that are not usual and that are connected to the Balinese culture. One of those is a workshop to learn how to make Jamu, which is a traditional Indonesian herbal mixture that has many health benefits. Another one is a Balinese blessing ceremony in traditional clothing, which is the welcoming of our guests for the retreat. Additionally, we will be holding a workshop on our energy centers to dive deeper into how our body is connected with our mind and how we can discover any imbalances throughout our energy flow. The itinerary is packed with exciting workshops and activities, but we also left space to explore the island on your own. As we both live in Bali, we know that there are so many great cafes and restaurants in the area which are worth to visit.

We have created this retreat so it is open for any level, perfect for total beginners and also for the intermediate students. We highly believe that you will learn something from everything we will do during this retreat. We are both beyond excited for this upcoming retreat and would love to have you with us.

On this page you can read up the different packages we are offering and any further information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as well if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to chat with you! Watch also a short video that we have created for this retreat, which was filmed at the Plataran and by our talented friend Simen.