Treating myself in Ubud

Sneaking in some self-care whenever possible is so important! We are all too busy sometimes with our everyday life that we forget to just wind down and spend time with ourselves. Living in Bali makes it definitely easier for me to take time just for myself with so many affordable pampering spots around such as yoga studios or spas but still - working, socializing, and exercising take up most of the time in a day and I often forget to just be in the moment and do what I want to do and also what my body and mind sometimes need.

Last week, I felt the urge to just get away for a few days and do things that I just want to do. I drove up to Ubud to leave the busy streets of where I live in Bali. I just wanted to get out and stay somewhere surrounded by nature and where it is quiet and peaceful. I have been to Ubud many times but mostly only for the day to do an activity and then I was heading back home again. This time, I wanted to hangout for a few days and do a few activities that were on my to-do list and honestly, i just wanted to treat myself and get away from everything else. In retrospective, I am so happy I did that because it was amazing and so worth it. I chose things that were focused on healing to leave refreshed and replenished after that trip - and also because I had gone to a festival the weekend before so my body and mind were in need of recovering and relaxing.

Sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi

Just around ten minutes north of Ubud center, you will find a place called Pyramids of Chi. It is a place that offers daily sound healing and from time to time they also offer special events such as full moon rituals or crystal healings. I went there for an entire evening event that included a cacao ceremony, chanting, ecstatic dance and a gong bath. I have done most of it separately before but not all together combined in one evening and honestly, it was amazing but really exhausting. It lasted for about three hours all together and it was not only physically but mentally very tiring. All of the mentioned activities aim to release emotions and let go of anything that you no longer need, which was exactly what I needed. I meditated, I cried and danced a lot which resulted in me just passing out straight away after. I could barely drive home after that evening without falling asleep.

I can highly recommend this event to anyone that wants to let it all out and needs a good hug. I loved the ecstatic dance and some partner activities we did such as mirroring yourself in another person to seek forgiveness the most. It can seem overwhelming the first time you try it but it just takes a little bit to get used to it. You find yourself in a safe space with people that come for the same reason. By the time we reached the gong bath I was already out of energy and it was the perfect finish to end the entire experience. As the structure of the building is a pyramid shape, the sound of the gong travels and creates high vibrations that you experience during the session. Pyramids of Chi offers daily sound baths, so in case you would only like to check out the sound healing it’s a perfect opportunity to do so. Plus, the place itself is already worth it to just it is unique and in the middle of Ubud’s jungle.

Craniosacral therapy at the Yoga Barn

If you read my last blog post, you know that I have been experiencing sciatic pain on my left side. I wanted to try something new to ease the pain and came across craniosacral therapy. I never heard about it before and thought it would be nice to give it a shot. I experienced it as a mixture of Reiki and a chiropractic treatment. Craniosacral therapy is used to improve the fluid flow of our nervous system through small body movements around our skull and sacrum. My therapist quickly found out that my muscles on my left leg can’t be 100% activated when I need to use them compared to my right leg. He did a few movements to realign my sacral area in order to use my left leg properly again and I could feel the energy traveling downwards on my left leg all the way down to my foot. The feeling was similar to the energy being applied in a Reiki treatment.

Did it work? It did. Is it fixed? No it’s not. I definitely felt better after the treatment but I also didn’t expect any miracles. I know that treatments like that can help to fix a problem and ease the pain but I also know that one treatment will not be the solution for everything most of the time. The pain got less on a daily basis but I can still feel it when doing exercises that use my leg muscles.

It was definitely interesting to see and especially now that I started to practice Reiki I paid attention to the difference techniques compared to giving Reiki. He also integrated some chiropractic knowledge in order to realign my sacrum and I would probably give it another shot when I come across craniosacral therapy.


There are so many spots around Ubud to go for a yoga class. It is always a highlight for me because I get to see different teachers and experience something new even. My two favorite places are the Yoga Barn and Radiantly Alive. Not only because they are both so central but also because I like their vibes the best. Especially if you have some time before or after the class, these two are great places to just hang out and have a coconut. And if you are interested in doing any treatments, they offer services such as colon hydrotherapy, astrology counseling or Reiki.