In my private lessons, I solely focus on you. This is your time to ask me any questions regarding Yoga and to integrate movements and postures, you want to know more about. We will work based on your interests and suggestions, or I will set up a specific class for you focusing on what you are looking for in a Yoga practice. You can contact me directly or book a session in the scheduler.

Following are the Yoga styles that I teach in a private lesson: Hatha, Pre-Natal, Vinyasa, Aerial and Yin.

I offer single and group private lessons up until four people. If you plan on having more people in a private group lesson, please contact me directly via the contact form or email to



In a Reiki treatment, I will channel energy towards your body through various hand positions along your body. This treatment aims to relax you and give you an insight into your current energy flow. I will inform you towards the end of a session about any energy blockages and give you possible explanations and suggestions to let you discover your physical, mental and emotional obstacles you might have to focus on afterward to find balance.


Meditation & Mindfulness


In a private meditation, I will guide you into a meditative state. We will focus on your mind and how to prevent distractions and withdraw from your senses. You will learn tips how to get into a meditative state and stay in it. This is your time to ask anything about meditation and learn more about its benefits.



This session is for you, if you sense any blockages in your life keeping you from pure joy and happiness. We will talk about your current worries in daily life and go through step-by-step each obstacle that is keeping you from having the right mindset. Especially when experiencing anxiety, stress or depression, this session will help you break through step-by-step your own walls and find your inner light. A mindfulness session can include meditation techniques, yoga nidra and breathwork.


Book a Class

Please book a class via my scheduler, contact me via or the contact form to arrange appointments for private Yoga lessons, meditation, Reiki or mindfulness sessions. You will receive the prices, once we are in contact, as they vary in duration and location.