Bulan Yoga

Practice Yoga mindfully


What does Yoga mean to me?


I teach and practice in a way to release emotions and free our minds from stress and negativity. With the help of meditation, physical and breathing exercises, we aim to find peace within our minds, ourselves and the world.


Acceptance and forgiveness are key aspects to love ourselves and others. Practicing Yoga and meditation help us to understand these values, as we learn to love ourselves. This enables us not to only receive, but also give love.


We need to live in the present moment and begin from where we are right now to find inner balance. Yoga helps us to identify our physical and mental strengths as well as weaknesses. This supports us in the process of our self-development.

What do I offer?


I am teaching in different yoga studios around the island of Bali. Have a look at the calendar to find the most suitable yoga class and style for you.


Whether at a yoga studio, resort or in your villa. I am teaching private yoga and meditation classes around the island of Bali to your convenience.


Come and join me for an upcoming retreat where we will practice yoga and meditation together, accompanied by cultural and spiritual activities.


Namaste. I am Juliette.

I am an Indonesian-German Yoga teacher that lives in Bali, Indonesia.


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