Bulan Yoga

Practice Yoga mindfully

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What does Yoga and Reiki mean to me?


I teach and practice in a way to release tension and free our minds from any negativity. With the help of meditation, energy healing, physical and breathing exercises, we can aim to find peace within ourselves and with the outside world.


Acceptance and forgiveness are key aspects to love ourselves and others. Practicing Yoga, Reiki and meditation helps us to understand and incorporate these values, as we get to know ourselves better. This enables us not to only receive, but also give love.


We need to live in the present and begin from where we are to find inner balance. Yoga, meditation and Reiki can help to identify our physical and mental strengths as well as weaknesses. This enables us to detect imbalances that we need to work on.

What do I offer?


I am teaching private and group Yoga and meditation classes on the island of Bali, that can be arranged in your own home or a rental space.


I give Reiki treatments to your convenience in your own home or in my space. I also send distance Reiki, may you not be staying in Bali.


Join me for any upcoming retreats, which are filled with Yoga, meditation, energy healing, workshops, cultural and spiritual activities.

Juliette has profound knowledge about the anatomical and physical background of yoga postures and can exactly explain how yoga impacts your body and mind. Her classes are characterized by yoga philosophy devotion but also accurate body alignment.
— Karina
Wise beyond her chronological age, her presence is soothing and true. She’s a fantastic teacher besides a beautiful lean powerhouse!
— Aiko
Juliette is an amazing yoga teacher with a huge knowledge not only about the practice itself but also about everything happening on the energetic level as well. Her beautiful voice and calmness made me always feel so in tune when connecting the body and soul.
— Ann-Sophie

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